Worship MountainVision

Hope River cares about people because God cares about people.  Our goal has never been to be the best church IN the area but to be the best church FOR the area.  We are growing in our relationship with Jesus as we serve people and meet community needs.

Our vision is to be a place where people can find hope in life's ups and downs.  We believe Jesus is the source of that hope.  As we find hope in Him, our goal is then to share that hope with people in our community.

Our mission statement:

Hope River is a church where people find hope. Hope flows as we relate to each other and involve ourselves in the life of the church. Hope grows as we value spiritual growth, express our love to God, and reach others who are searching for hope that can only be found in Jesus. Where the RIVER flows HOPE grows...






  ...Wherever the river flows, it will bring life.   Ezekiel 47:9b (GW)