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Who Do You Think You're Praying To? Series Who Do You Think You're Praying To?

Pastor Dean Olson
Hope River Church of God
March 8, 2020

A Beginner's Guide To Prayer Series A Beginner's Guide To Prayer

Pastor Dean Olson
Hope River Church of God
March 1, 2020

Preparing For Something Great Series Preparing For Something Great

Pastor Dean Olson
Hope River Church of God
February 23, 2020

The Master Weaver Series The Master Weaver

February 16, 2020
Pastor Dean Olson
Hope River Church of God


40 Days Of Prayer

A Journey In Prayer

The Tapestry

The Story of Naomi and Ruth

What If

What could God do with us in 2020?

Advent: Past and Future

Understand why the season of Advent is special.

The Resurrected Jesus

Helping us to understand how critical the resurrection of Jesus was to God's plan.

The Passion of Jesus

Jesus loved us so much as to live and die for us.

Jesus' Public Ministry Ends

How Jesus finished His public ministry well.

Jesus Followers

What is important as a follower of Jesus?

Jesus Brings Calm

Jesus brings calm to our lives in many ways.

Jesus Is

Who is Jesus?

Jesus' Purpose

Continuing our journey through the life of Jesus

Going Public

Walking through the first days of Jesus's public minstry.

A Mother's Heart

Spending a year looking at the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Character of David

Looking at the life of David and his character.


What does Paul's book to Philemon say about our relationships with God and others?

Being a Church on Mission

What does the mission of Hope River Church look like?

Holiness of God

Looking at scripture to understand the holy nature of God

Mother's Day 2018

Finding peace when life is uncertain.

Who is Jesus?

What does Jesus say about Himself? Who is He?

Do Something!

Exploring God's calling to Hope River Church to meet the poverty need in our community.

Does God Really Love Me?

Answering the question: "Does God really love me?"


Understanding how God wants us to find His rest.

New Year's Eve 2017

Starting 2018 with encouragement from the Word.

Jesus >: New Hope for Old Problems

Exploring how Jesus is greater than any of life's problems.

The Story

Walking through the entire Bible in 2017

Fruitology - Elements of a Transformed Life

Exploring the Fruits of the Spirit

New Year's 2017

Starting 2017 in God's Word

Why Jesus Came

Advent/Christmas 2016 Series

Acts of the Apostles

What can we learn from the early church?

The Pathway to HOPE

How can we find hope?

Jesus In the Old Testament

Was Jesus only in the New Testament?

Avoiding Unhealthy Conflict

Sermon series on how to handle conflict in life.

Socks & Underwear

Christmas 2015 series

H2O Series

Series based on Kyle Idleman's book on understanding the Living Water of Jesus.

Go-To Scriptures

The most read verses in the Bible according to YouVersion.

Faith in Action

Series covering the book of James.

Summer 2015

Various messages during mid-summer.

Facebook Family

Series on living as a God-honoring family.

Hope 4 U

Series on finding Hope in the important areas of our life.

What Did Jesus Say?

Series looking at the Bible and what it tells us about living according to God's standards.

RIVER Essentials

Sermon series casting the vision and mission for Hope River Church.

December 2014 / January 2015

Various messages on being the Body of Christ and stewardship.

iBelieve - Advent 2014

Advent/Christmas 2014 Series

Finding Forgiveness

Series on forgiving both ourselves and others, and understanding how much God forgave us through Christ.

Making Room in Relationships

Series on our relationship with God and with others.

The Heart of Hope River

Foundational series on the key principles of our church.